A few random thoughts….

Had a job interview yesterday that seemed to go all right. Was a little disturbed that one of the individuals felt the need to wear one of those WWJD things around her neck in order to keep from losing her glasses. I felt saying like that if I was in Jesus’ place, I would hire me on the spot along with a nice fat-ass raise! Managed to keep that thought to myself though. Still, I don’t understand those types of people who feel the need to profess their faith/belief in the workplace. It makes me uncomfortable. Moving on…

Just another tale that makes me gawk in amazement about the wisdom and innocence of my 8 year old daughter. One day she might realize what a constant source of inspiration she provides. Case in point…

Being an admitted news junkie, I followed with great interest the events surrounding the tragic deaths of Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota and other members of his entourage. I think the Democrats were smart in dragging out Walter Mondale in order to replace him on the ballot and I think the implications of this Senate race reach far beyond the borders of Minnesota.

Being a very left of center Democrat, I watched assorted clips of the “memorial service” held in his honor and in all fairness, I think the Republicans have a valid point. What was supposed to be a somber memorial turned into a pep rally. I don’t think it was intentional, I think people got caught up in the spirit of the moment and events, as they often do, just cascaded.

Anyway, I watched as Mondale accepted the nomination and listened to his speech in which he vowed to carry on Mr. Wellstone’s work. The news then flipped over to his opponent who closed his remarks with the following statement, delivered with much gusto and passion.

”The Future is Now!

My daughter glanced up at me and had this to offer.

Her: “He’s wrong Daddy.”

Me: “What do you mean honey?”

Her: “He should learn his tenses.”

Me: “I don’t know what you mean…”

Her: "Well, the future isn’t now, the future means that something’s gonna happen later. Now is now…"

It got me to thinking. Maybe our society’s need for the quick fix or the rush to judgment has gotten us where we are today. We don’t consider the future for what it is, we want the future and we want it now. Yes, we can shape the future but I don’t really think we consider the consequences of our actions. Decisions made in haste are rarely good ones. Impulsive acts, whether they are good or bad, seem to inspire more impulsive acts of the same nature. I wish there were more of the good type…

PS. At times like these, I wish my eight year old could vote.

Thus endeth my day…