I don’t consider myself to be a violent person. Although, there probably was a time though, way back when the combination of being in the Marine Corps and youth might’ve blended together to cause me to react in ways I would think unthinkable today. I hope, that over the many ensuing years, that the reaction of violence would have been washed out of me like dishes being cleaned or laundry being done. Lately though, I seem to be confused. Maybe I’m confusing violence with justice. Maybe I’m having a hard time trying to draw a line between the two.

I wake up to the news and, as sure as shit, there’ s more gore and more controversy than ever before.. An American civilian by the name of Nicholas Berg was beheaded by some thugs claiming to be members of Al-Queda. Supposedly, this was in response to the events that occurred in the Abu Ghraid prison abuse scandal. Any comparison between the two, is, in my mind, lame at best. Those "people" that did the beheading are fucking animals. (/me apologizes to the entire animal kingdom)

Just as those few Americans who took it upon themselves to abuse people under their charge do not represent the entire body of soldiers, so don’t five members of a terrorist cell represent the feelings of the Arab people. I’m sure many of them are just as shocked and horrified about the beheading as we in States are. Those people who are responsible bring shame to the Muslim religion.

I listen to some of the more conservative types such as Rush Limbaugh screaming along the lines of “Why aren’t Americans outraged at this?”. Those types also tried to make the same point when those four Americans were captured, their bodies mutilated and dragged through the streets. Their final resting place was being hung from a bridge like some kind of trophy or warning.

For the record, I am outraged at this conduct. I’m outraged at anybody who would do such a thing to anybody else. When it comes to my mind, it doesn’t take an American to be outraged, all it takes is to be human.

Our people involved in the prison abuse scandal will be brought to court and carry the scars of their conduct for the rest of their lives. I don’t know what will happen to those who beheaded Mr. Berg and yes, this causes me outrage.

I’m outraged that no weapons of mass destruction have been found. After all, that’s why we went there in the first place. I’m outraged that we targeted Saddam Hussein (yeah, bad guy, everybody knows that) instead of Osama Bin Laden, the real mastermind behind the events of September 11, 2001. I’m outraged by the supposed need of such things as the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security. I’m outraged that people are dying more and more violent deaths every day. I’m outraged that I can’t explain these things to my child. I’m outraged that American contractors are even Iraq in the first place. I’m outraged because I think that most of them are there in search of profits instead of humanitarian efforts. I’m outraged that America seems to have lost some of its standing amongst the other countries in the word because, believe it or not, we have done so much good.

The world, or at least America, seemed to me to be a lot simpler a mere four years ago and I wasn’t so outraged. I know we can’t turn back the hands of time, that would be asking too much. I fear that the worst isn’t over though. I fear that the wheels have been set in motion by a horrific combination of events both here at home and abroad. I fear that those wheels will be spinning for many years to come. I fear that both yours and my children will be called upon to pay the price not only for our actions but also our inactions.

In the meantime. I’m gonna’ keep John Prines’ song Spanish Pipedream running through my head, all the while hoping all of our children, no matter their origin, find it within themselves to forgive us all..