Someday, I hope I can sing the perfect song....

The bunch of us were sitting around our in our usual stomping grounds shooting the breeze and downing a couple of drinks and commenting on whatever was on the television. Nothing special mind you. The usual daily mix of sports, news and the latest bar gossip about who was hooking with who and who wasn't hooking up with anybody at all and blah blah blah. It all somehow seemed too....familiar.

I think there's a line in song out there that makes reference to a jukebox that plays the same old songs. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the tune but as my mind drifted away from whatever was going on amongst my friends I began to think about that. I realized that it ain't the jukebox playing the songs, it's the people.

Don't get me wrong. I cherish my friends but somehow my little ritual gatherings are getting stale. I don't know if they feel it too but if they are, they aren't telling. They seem content to do what they do. Maybe it's their form of release after a long day or maybe they find a degree of comfort in doing something that just seems to come natural. Maybe we've formed some sort of bond over the years and take some solace at the sight of a familiar face in a world full of strangers. I dunno what it is that brings people of different back rounds together and causes them to share life's little details. Are people looking for a sense of camaraderie or it just one of those instances where they're looking to bring their shared experience's to the table? Maybe it just seems that way because winter drove us inside and we see more of each other than we really need to.

All I know is I gotta take a little break. My kid is back with me tonight and'll be here for the next week. That should be plenty of incentive for me to go home and forget the daily goings on in my watering hole. I’m hoping I can make it the entire week without making a pit stop. We’ll see. In the meantime…

I hope the weather is nice so we can go outside, I hope spring is early, I hope she's ok, I hope we get to barbecue, I hope we get to go to the park, I hope she wants to play cribbage early on Sunday morning, I hope we can have a picnic, I hope my plants start making their way through the frozen ground, I hope we listen to the Beatles, I hope she writes a poem or a story, I hope she tells me about school, I hope she tells me a secret, I hope she giggles and makes lots of noise, I hope I don't get mad at anything, I hope she doesn’t either, I hope she doesn’t have a nightmare, I hope we can go roller skating, I hope she rides her bicycle, I hope either of don't get sick, I hope it lasts a lifetime.

Yeah, I know, it's an awful lot to hope for but so is hoping to sing the perfect song.