Has my country gone nuts?

With the recent debacle over freedom fries and French toast and citizens pouring perfectly good French wine down the sewer, one might think so. But this being America, someone had to up the ante.

It seems that there is a bill being introduced before Congress that would allow the families of veterans who died and were buried in France during World War I and World War II to have their remains disinterred and shipped back “home” to the good ol’ USA. Of course the government would pick up the nut for any expenses occurred as a result of the procedure. All of this because France, along with some other member countries of the United Nations, disagree about the prospect of going to war with Iraq

To quote one Ginny Brown, a freshman Republican from Florida who introduced the bill.

"I, along with many other Americans, do not feel that the French government appreciates the sacrifices men and women in uniform have made to defend the freedom that the French enjoy today."

Over the years some 74,000 Americans have been buried in either France or Belgium. Can you imagine the cost and logistics associated with such a maneuver? I can only imagine. I am willing to put forth that the millions of dollars spent on such an effort could be better put to use elsewhere.

Personal Note

Having spent four years in Uncle Sams Misguided Children, I can only say that had I been killed in battle, I would have preferred to be buried next to my comrades who had fallen beside me. Maybe that’s the so-called Semper Fidelis attitude that is instilled in the Marines. I dunno, to me it would just seem right.

A Modest Proposal?

I’ve got a better idea. If we really wanna show our displeasure with the French, why don’t we just dismantle the Statue of Liberty, box it up and crate it back to them? After all, it was a gift.

Funny, I don’t see anybody introducing THAT before Congress.

Sorry for the rant!

PS. I've e-mailed these sentiments to my Congressman, Senator and the White House. - much to my chagrin I haven't heard anything back yet but if I do you can be sure I'll let you know!