I hate death...

Maybe that's too strong a statement, maybe I just don't understand it.

A good friend of mine passed away in her sleep the other day. Her mom and her older brother found her when they saw that she hadn't left for work and thought she just might have overslept. They said it was due to complications related to her battle with diabetes. She was 30.

I had just seen her the night before and offered to buy her a drink. She declined and said she was in a hurry. That she was looking for one of her girlfriends because she had something important she wanted to tell her. With that, she was off for places unknown.

So much for "See ya tomorrow".

Another brother of hers is busy dodging bullets in Iraq. I guess whatever Supreme Being was in charge of running the planet the other day must have some kind of warped sense of humor.

They don't know if he'll be able to get home in time for the funeral. They did manage to get the news to him and I can't fuckin' imagine what's going through his head. Hopefully they at least pull him off whatever mission he's on so that his emotions don't take over and that he does something stupid. Between her tears, her mother says that he has an extra angel looking over his shoulder these days.

Moms always seem to know the right words to say.

What does a mother pick for her youngest daughter to wear when she's going to be wearing it for forever? What mementos and keepsakes get placed in the ground to keep her company on her final journey? Does she even know that they're there with her?

Not too long ago, she came back from Ireland where she went to re-visit her roots. She came back with little trinkets for all of the regulars at the bar. Mine was a Guinness apron. She knew I liked to drink and to cook. I've never worn it.

I will now.

So here's to you Molly. A friend for the ages. We'll do the best we can without you. My world's a little bit darker today than it should be. If you get a chance, shine a little light my way, I could use it.

We all can. (prayer for the departed)