Sort of a rant on the current state of affairs.

As usual, I flipped to CNN this morning to get my daily fix of “news”. This was what greeted me.

At least 10 American soldiers have been wounded today in new wave of attacks throughout Iraq, U.S. military officials said. The clashes came the day after President Bush sent a tough message to militants targeting U.S. forces in the country. "My answer is, bring them on," Bush said.

I had already read enough.

Even though I didn’t vote for President Bush and have little respect for him I do have respect for the office he holds and try to refrain from making disparaging personal remarks about the man. As a matter fact, I’m having a hard time holding my tongue in check as I write this as more and more Americans die each day..

I’ll try and be succinct. Check that, I will be succinct.

President Bush, it’s pretty easy to say “Bring them on” when you ain’t the one doing the fighting and dying. You ain’t the one who walks patrols and has to look at every Iraqi citizen you encounter as a potential threat.: You ain’t the one who is thousands of miles away from your family, friends, and loved ones. You ain’t the one who might be sewed up in a body bag and shipped home in God knows what condition. You ain’t the one living in fear every single moment.

President Bush, rather than “Bring them on” I would respectfully suggest you “Bring them home”.

Thank you.

Semper Fi to all you jarheads out there. Try and stay out of harm's way!