Sunday - Named after the Sun
Monday - Named after the Moon
Tuesday- Named after Tiu, the Norse god of war
Wednesday - Named after Woden, the Anglo-Saxon chief of the gods
Thursday - Named after Thor, Norse god of thunder
Friday - Named after Frigg, a Norse goddess
Saturday -Named after Saturn, Roman god of harvests


January - Named after Janus, Roman god of doors and gates
February -Named after Februa, Roman period of purification
March -Named after Mars, Roman god of war
April -from the Latin apeire, 'to open'
May - Named after Maia, Roman goddess of spring and growth
June -Named after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage
July - Named after Julias Caesar
August -Named after Augustus, first emperor of Rome
September -from the Latin septem, 'seven'
October - from the Latin octo, 'eight'
November - from the Latin novem, 'nine'
December -from the Latin decem, 'ten',