This is kind of long and kind of a rant but after the latest broadside from that bag of shit known as Steve Bannon commenting on Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney’s family for refusing to endorse accused child molester Roy Moore for the Senate seat in Alabama I’m even more outraged than normal.

In Bannon’s own words…

“You hid behind your religion. You went to France to be a missionary while men were dying in Vietnam. Do not talk about honor and integrity.”

"You ran for commander in chief and had five sons — not one day of service in Afghanistan or Iraq. We have 7,000 dead and 52,000 casualties, and where were the Romneys during those wars?"

Note to Bannon. Your former employer, President Donald Trump received five, count ‘em, five draft deferments during the Vietnam War. Four of them were while his was in college and the last was because he had some minor bone spurs on the heels of his feet.

As a matter of fact, I don’t believe any member of President Trump’s immediate family, both past and present has ever deigned to put on the uniform and serve the country.

Now let’s look at the line of succession for the Presidency should something ever happen to Donald Trump and he could no longer fulfill the duties of the office.

All of these people, unless otherwise noted, are members of the Republican Party.

Vice President Mike Pence – no military service

Speaker of the HousePaul Ryan – no military service

President Pro Tem of the Senate – Orrin Hatch – no military service

Secretary of State – Rex Tillerson – no military service

Secretary of the Treasury – Steve Mnuchin – no military service

Secretary of Defense – Jim Mattis – YES, Retired Marine Corp General – he’s also an Independent

Attorney General – Jeff Sessions – no military service

Secretary of the Interior – Ryan Zinke – YES, Navy Seal

Secretary of Agriculture – Sonny Perdue – no military service

Secretary of Commerce – Wilbur Ross – no military service

Secretary of Labor – Alex Acosta – no military service

Secretary of Health and Human Services – Eric Hargan – no military service

Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentBen Carson – says he was offered a scholarship to West Point but West Point has no record of ever offering him one so I’d count that as no military service.

I’m tired of writing this but in closing I suggest that Mr. Bannon check under the own hood for members of his own party before he starts accusing other people of not wearing the uniform or evading military service..

Oh wait, Mitt Romney IS a Republican.