What if they gave a war and nobody died?

Tonight, on ABC’s Nightline, Ted Koppel is going to read each of the names of the soldiers who have died in the war with Iraq. It’s intended to be not only a tribute to the fallen but to also serve as reminder of the horrors of war inflicted upon the families, friends, and the country in general. My home town has decided not to show the broadcast claiming that it is not in good taste and that it is motivated by what they are calling a “political agenda”.

“I have not gotten one positive response," said an assignment desk editor at WSYX, the ABC station in Columbus, Ohio.”

I have a message for the “assignment desk editor” – the news is not always positive. The news often hurts; it should depict the reality of events and not be airbrushed. You were all too happy to tell dubious the story of Jessica Lynch in a fit a flag waving, pat yourself on the back, heave a sigh of relief, all American way. Don’t the people who have died also deserve a moment of recognition?

In this war, there is no Dover test, there is little footage similar to the war in Vietnam that depicted the blood and the agony that our troops faced on a daily basis. The Bush Administration has seen to that. As far as I know, the President hasn’t attended any services for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. They want to sanitize the filth. They want heroes such as Pat Tillman that embody the sacrifices made by our service men and women. They just don’t want to see them dead.

Each of the soldiers performing their duty is a hero in their own right. For once, I might have to agree with Rush Limbaugh when he stated that if you’re going to read the names of the dead, you might as well read the names of those who are still alive and fighting. I guess he was trying to make a point and express it through sarcasm. I say, lets take him up on it. It’s the least we can do.

I guess my local ABC affiliate is going to show another rerun of Seinfeld or Friends or some other light fare that will keep the public smiling and ignorant. They should be ashamed of themselves.

End of rant.

Update 5/3/04 - it was a Seinfeld rerun...