Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing good! I’m doing fine. 3rd grade is fun so far. I’m taking piano lessons this year and had my first one on Wednesday. It went okay. We got a keyboard at my dad’s house so I can practice. It’s got a lot of different sounds that it can make. I hope I can get good at it.

I wrote a poem last night in my room while I was looking at the moon. It’s called “The Flight of the Herd”, I hope you like it!

The Flight of the Herd

The horses blaze their way through the grass
I can tell that inside, they are flying
< Their soul leaves their body

Now it’s my turn.
I try just as they do
And I leave my body behind

The wind picks up
It blows my worries away
And my soul flys

It flies across the desert
It soars across the ocean
I reach back to the field

As the herd takes flight

I'm spending next week with my mom. I’ll try and write some more things while I’m gone. Bye!