Hi everybody! I hope you’re all well and good! I know I am. I hope that you all had a real nice summer and it was as good as mine. Now that it’s over and soccer season is coming to an end I hope I can write some more stuff in the coming months.

The other day was my birthday and I turned 12. The main things I got were a new mountain bike (dad) and a new digital camera (mom) along with some books on architecture, some CD’s and some DVD’s.

A lot of kids at my school are Catholics and take religion classes. When they’re done they spend an awful lot of time talking about faith. I don’t take the classes. It’s not because I don’t believe in God or anything but I think that whatever it is, it comes in too many forms for us to figure out and I don’t know enough about all the different religions to say who's right and who's wrong.

The other day in the schoolyard I felt the wind on my face and started to wonder where it went when I couldn’t feel it anymore. I thought that just because I couldn’t feel it anymore doesn’t mean it still wasn’t there. I think that’s what faith is.

I wrote a poem about it and called it “I Am The Wind”. I hope you like it!

I Am The Wind

Some people might say I’m a saint
And others might say I’m a sinner
I’ve got some news for all of them
In my eyes I’m still a beginner

Many have come before and left
I’ve seen their footprints in the sand
They make up little parts of me
They make me who I am

Many are left that are still to come
People that I’ll never get to know
But my light will shine behind their eyes
And to help their children grow

I’m the whispering sound of the wind
That’s like some forgotten breeze
The one that whistles soft and low
As it rustles through the trees.

You think it’s gone but it still remains
To makes its pass around the Earth
It’s seen more than any of us have seen
The sorrow, the joy, the misery, the mirth

It carries with it a piece of us
Good and bad, sweet and sour
And leaves it scattered in the future
Where there is no final hour.


/me says: Some very minor edits for cadence and rhythm and all the links provided by yours truly. The rest is all hers.