Hi everybody! I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! Mine was really good! We had plenty of food and even though I’m trying to be a vegetarian, I ate some turkey. I figured it was for a special occasion.

School has been pretty slow and we had a lot of time on our hands before the holiday. I decided to try and write down what’s in my mind and make a poem out of it. I was going to call it “Never Mind” but that doesn’t sound right. I’ll think up a title soon, I promise. Either that or maybe somebody out there has an idea and can send it to me.



A mind filled with logic
A mind that does math
A mind that writes poetry
In search of the path

A mind that is centered
Around all that is said
By the show offs and blow offs
Is a mind filled with dread

But a mind that stays sharp
Through all the long years
Is a mind that takes risks
And will blow past its fears

A mind filled with hate
And a mind filled with joy
A mind filled with kindness
And a mind to annoy

A mind that is generous
Throughout the long wars
And a mind that keeps giving
Is a mind that will soar


Words and sentiments by borgette, formatting, coaching and some minor edits by yours truly.