Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing good. I’m sad because my cat Highway got ran over and killed yesterday. My dad buried him in the backyard. I wrote him a note and poem.

Dear Highway,

You were the best cat I ever owned. I miss you so much. The house is so lonely now. I know that you are not really dead, you were not that kind of cat I can’t imagine a world without you.



We put the note in a plastic bag in the ground with him and got a statue of a smiling sun to put on his grave.

Hopes for Highway

My Highway lays
beneath the ground.
I hope he likes
what he has found.

I hope he finds
that things are nice.
I hope he gets
a lot of mice.

I hope he sees
a lot of birds.
I hope he reads
these written words.

I hope he meets cats
that are not rude.
I hope he gets
a lot of food.

I hope he does not
get chased by dogs.
I hope he goes
and jumps on logs.

I hope he gets
to climb a tree.
I hope he will
remember me.

Because I will always
remember him.
And I know that I
will see him again.

In my sleep
or in my dreams.
Highway is
just what he seems.

He is my cat
I loved him so.
But now I have to
let him go.

Highway was the
name of my cat.
He was some of this
but all of that.


/me says “Usual disclaimers apply.”