Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing good. School is almost over and next year I’ll be in the fifth grade. I’ll be going to soccer camp at Ohio State this summer and trying to read another thousand pages of books. I hope I can do it!

I wrote two new poems the other day. The first is about dandelions because they are starting grow on the lawn. It’s kind of short but I hope you like it anyway.

The second is about SUV’s. I really don’t understand why people drive them, especially in the city. They take up too much room. I hope you like that one too.


To some they are weeds,
to some they are pretty.
To some they are nothing,
to them I feel pity

They’re here for a reason
Just like you and I
We’re all here for something
Before we wither and die


To those great big SUV’s
I ask you to “move over” please
In and out of lanes you zoom
Taking up too much room

Maybe the owner feels big and strong
But I just feel that it is wrong
All you do is burn up gas
And make it hard for people to pass

Who would need a car so large?
On the road, they’re like a barge
If you really need all of that space
May I suggest you clean up your place?

I hope I get to see a lot of you in July!


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