Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing good! I had to go to the emergency room on Monday because I fell off the monkey bars at school and landed on my face. They thought I might have had a broken nose but I don’t. It feels better now. I wrote this Tuesday night in my room at my dad’s house when we were listening to The Beatles. It’s called Now Look Up When Down. I hope you like it!

Now Look Up When Down

I lived in the sky
Soaring high
Painting a rainbow of Earth

Wings of love surround me
Clouds of Angels are upon me
Watching over the Earth

I now look up in my home around me
I see trees and the skies and my house

The wings and the clouds
Have left me years ago
I wore robes of beauty and silk
Now I wear blue jeans and shirts

My home on the stars
Is now a home on the ranch
It needs cleaning and caring
It has never ending jobs

I liked it in the sky
But here is just fine for now

I hope I get to see and meet a lot of you at this See you soon!

Okay, this is dad speaking. I don’t know what this poem/story is supposed to be about. Maybe it loses some if its appeal until you can see it in the scrawl of an eight-year-old kid. All I know is that I think I got something special in the works. I hope to God it never changes!

Good, thoughts go out to all friends, past, present and future….