Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing good!

We had an assignment at school when we talk about current events and our teacher asked us to write a letter to President George W. Bush and ask him questions. These are some of the ones we thought of.

1) Do we belong to the earth or does the earth belong to us? 2) Do we need more jails or more schools? 3) How can we get more blue skies and clean rivers? 4) How can we get more people to come together? 5) Why do we need so many guns? 6) Why did we go to war? 7) Why don’t you talk about rivers and forests? 8) Do I always have to feel afraid? 9) Why don’t people feel safe when their children are outside? 10) Why isn’t America one big family?

We are going to send the letter to the White House next week after we go over the questions. I hope he answers us.