Hi everybody! – I hope you’re doing good. I'm going to write about the hike real soon. I had a great time. Thank you everybody!

Tomorrow is my last day of school. Next year I’ll be in the 4th grade. I’m really looking forward to it. It should be fun. My mom and me are going to Tennessee next week to visit my uncle. That should be fun too….

I saw the moon out the other night and I wrote a poem about it. I hope you like it. I called it Moonlight.


Is the moon real
or is it magic?
Does it shine when you can’t see it?
Does it leave someone in the dark
only to find the light?

What story does the moon try and tell us
or is it a myth?
Does it give us hope?
Does it give us faith?
Does it teach us love?
Does it teach us kindness?

Is the moon friendly, or
is it harsh?
Or am I just imagining it?

I hope you all have a nice summer!!! – Bye!

(assorted links by borgo, words by borgette)