Hi everybody! I hope you are all doing good! .I haven’t written anything lately because I have been really busy at school. It’s over now and next year I’ll be in the third grade. I hope it will be as much fun as second grade was!

I had a really good weekend with my dad and my friends. Did you ever have one of those days that you wish you could live over and over again? Not because you did something wrong but because it made you so happy? That’s how yesterday was.

I played a lot with my friend Gracie and her pet rabbit. We also started a dog walking business and got to walk most of the neighborhood dogs. We are donating any money that we make from doing that to the animal shelter. Then me made homemade lemonade from fresh lemons and sold it to some of our other neighbors and people just walking by. It was fun! My dad had some of his friends over and we had a barbecue. His friends are nice but all they wanted to do was watch golf. Boring!

Gracie and me went up to my room to write poems. Here is one I wrote while I was looking at my window. I hope you like it!


The moon flys by
With the birds soaring high
I don’t want to waste this moment

In the day I shape the clouds
And paint the sky of pure
But I’m here to face the truth

To turn my face around
And to put my feet on the ground
But I close my eyes
And start my imagination

That’s because my imagination is with
The moon flying by
And the birds soaring high
And I don’t want to waste this moment

Now it’s time to go

I have some more that poems that I’m working on and I hope I can finish them soon. I really hope you like them. Bye!