Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing good!

I had a really good time this weekend. We went to parades and saw lots of fireworks. Witchiepoo made me a really cool necklace.

The other night we were barbecuing and a lost dog came on our porch. He was really small and brown and white and cute. Me and my friend Gracie looked around the neighborhood to find his owner but we couldn’t.. Finally, somebody told us where he lived and Gracie’s dad drove us up there. They were really happy to have him back and wanted to give us twenty dollars each! Gracie’s dad said that was too much and we got ten dollars each. We found out the dog’s name was “Peanut”.

I wrote another poem the other day called “Summer”. My school told me it was good practice to use each letter of the word to start the next sentence. Sometime that gets hard but it makes me think. I hope you like it!


Sitting on the porch
Under starry skies
Melting ice cream cones
Moon shining bright
Eating barbecue food
Relaxing in the shade

I hope you all have a great summer. Thank you and bye!

(assorted links and some spelling help courtesy of borgo, words courtesy of borgette.)