Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing good! I was sick for a couple of days but I’m better now. I’m getting a little tired of the winter though. I get to go skiing every Thursday but I’d rather be outside more. It gets too dark too early!

I wrote another poem the other day when we were sitting around listening to music. I forgot what song we were listening to when I got the idea to write this but something in my head clicked. . It’s called “The Line in a Song”. I hope you like it!

The Line in a Song

Sitting in the chair
With the music in your ear
There’s always the line in a song
The one you want to hear

You know which one it is
The one that makes you smile
Your sadness changes to happiness
If only for awhile

It paints a picture inside your head
But the music will play on
And something about it lives
And never will be gone


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