Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing good. I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. I think it’s going to be the best one I ever had. I hope yours is too!

I wrote another poem the other day. It’s about how my friends were invited to a party and I wasn’t. At first, I was angry because me and the other girl that was throwing the party were neighbors and we knew each other. We weren’t close friends though.

I was really upset but then when I was up in my room I realized that I was constantly getting mad at her. Why should I care? I didn’t invite her to my party so I just laughed and found something better to do than sit around feeling sorry for myself. The poem is called It Happens to Someone Everyday. I hope you like it!

It Happens to Someone Everyday

It happens to someone everyday,
and boy, does it ever sting.
Being left out and sitting alone
Is a very lonely thing.

It happens to someone everyday,
and today it happened to me.
I’m sitting alone, up in my room
While people are at the party

It happens to someone everyday,
My friends were invited too.
My room seems so quiet and so small
And there’s nothing really to do

It happens to someone everyday,
and I think she was not my friend
But then I thought I’m just being selfish
And laughed and this is the end

Have a great Christmas and a great New Years!!!


/me says usual disclaimers apply.