Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing good and had a great summer! I know I did, I came back from New York City where I got to see my sisters, went to the Statue of Liberty, went to a wax museum and saw a play called 42nd Street. New York is really big and I wish we could have stayed longer. Next year, I hope my dad takes me because he grew up there and knows lots of other places to go.

I started 4th grade this week and was kind of nervous about going back to school but I think everything will be ok though.

My dad asked me to do a little exercise and describe some of the things in our living room and write it down. Here is what I saw. I call it “In My Living Room”.

I sit in my living room and I see an abstract picture that hangs on the wall and I remember when we hung it there. I sit in my living room and I see an old bear blanket of dancing bears. I remember when I was little sleeping on a bed made from pillows with the blanket wrapped around me to protect me from the monsters of the night. “The bears will scare the monsters”, I whispered. I sit in my living room and I see the penny jar. I have no idea how old it is and how many pennies are in it. It reminds me of an old water bottle. I sit in my living room and I see my soccer trophy. I remember that season as though I have played it over and over. I sit in my living room and I see an old coffee table. I remember my favorite game when I pretended I was a bird and jumped off it into a nest made from pillows. As I sit in my living room, I remember the stories of the picture, the blanket, the penny jar and the old coffee table I just smile and think of the future these parts of my life might have.

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