Hi everybody! I’m doing real good and I hope you are too. My dad told me that some of you don’t think I’m real. He told me to write down some reasons why I am real. Here they are.

Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I ask the question “Am I real?” I look in the mirror and ask “What if the past never happened and the future never will?”

  • I know I’m real because I respond “yes” to the universe.
  • I know I’m real because I have an imagination.
  • I know I’m real because my cat sleeps next to my head in crazy positions.
  • I know I’m real because I can listen to the Beatles
  • I know I’m real because the clouds tell me stories only I can hear.
  • I know I’m real because I have lots of friends.
  • I know I’m real because when I’m asleep I can dream
  • I know I’m real because I remember things.
  • I know I’m real because I’m more than a picture.
  • I know I’m real because I’m me.
  • Maybe, maybe…

    Bye! Note from borgo: I’ve heard through the rumor mill that some folks out there are questioning the authenticity of borgette and that maybe her writing is a little too sophisticated for a nine year old girl. This has caused me much consternation over the past couple of weeks since I thought I was doing something good for both her and our users. It was in that vein that I asked her to come up with the reasons she has so eloquently stated in the above w/u. The process took a couple of days and the only thing I did was to correct some spelling mistakes and re-order them so that they seem more coherent. Either way though, I think the message might’ve gotten through.

    Anybody who has followed her progress here should be able to see that most of her w/u’s are of a very simple nature. They attempt to address simple things in simple ways. They try and weave the story of what’s in her mind and in her heart. For me to try and discourage that would be an injustice to her and to those who like her w/u’s.

    I’m a proud papa, I’ve got a beautiful little girl who brings a light to my life that was missing for so long. I’ve tried to share a very small portion of that light with you. Judging by the reaction, most of you feel the same way. For the small contingent of you who continue to doubt, well, you’re free to think what you like. I know better and so does she, I guess that’s the most important thing.

    Thanks from the both of us.