short version

I clocked his name badge,
throughts, excuses, reasons raced through my mind to broach the subject of his name,
"Hey man is that your name? Reason?"
I stumbled awkwardly into as he filled my bag of medium popcorn.
A nervous smile and nod confirmed my suspicions.
"That is such a cool name man!"
Again that "nervous regard of a wildebeast as it is being approached by an overly friendly lion" look comes over his face.
That or he's wondering why the customer is talking to him.
I mean that's not in the manual, well except when they're placing their order.
Other than that customers don't talk to you.
Well I have Darren to blame for that; talking to people over the counter.
You know, like as if they're people at the end of the day.
So as I took my cinematic consumables with me to the theatre,
it dawns on me.
Did I pronounce his name right? i.e. Vincent becomes Van-Cent in Francais.
It was then that I realised I had contracted cultura ineptitus.

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