Delta Princess

Crouched on the window ledge, he looks intently upon the device, whose purpose is to monitor the electrical activity in the room. Patiently, he waits until the activity oscillates between the frequencies of 1 and 8 hertz.

Below, a light flashes furiously on a watch worn by a shadow.

The shadow speaks to others who appear out of thin air, "Brethren, it is time. All are asleep in the house." These ghosts are ninjas, the most feared assassins from feudal Japanese lore. Often unseen and unheard... until it is too late.

Like ravens called to do a dark master's bidding, they descend upon the house, and for the briefest moment it is shrouded in complete darkness.

Once in the room they neutralize those who would raise the alarm, then the focus of attention is on the doll-like figure that sleeps blissfully, unaware of the mortal danger that she is in.

But all does not go to plan, for soon they are surrounded by armed guards.

Many ninjas from the Broken Path clan would die that night, hoping in vain than one would escape with the bounty. The air soon fills with the scent of blood and gunpowder.

The remaining three present their leader with the prize: the Delta Princess. He is pleased with their efforts, her ransom will be a just reward for the high price that they have paid tonight.

A light flashes furiously from the child's belly before a fireball consumes the last four members of the Broken Path clan.

Betrayal is at hand, for earlier a mysterious phone call was made to the inhabitants of the house. A codeword was uttered.