A potpourri of dreams...

Dem bones kicked me out of his house

Me and another noder came to visit the wise old dem bones to ask him about something (don't ask I don't remember). Bones was portly fellow who half bald with tufts of curly green hair (like a clown wig) on the sides of his shiny dome. When he had heard our question he snarled and asked us to leave his house. It was raining. I don't remember who the other noder was.

They were in black suits and shades

The dream starts with a guy coming around the corner with both his pistols blazing. The fellow was in a black suit and seem to be shooting everyone else around me. As I followed the guy into the men's toilet (don't start) I realised he was my partner and I too was in a black suit. We went around all the cubicles and shot all the bad guys who were in black suits too wearing shades (yes even on the toilet). The last guy took a long time to kill. I noticed that although sparks were flying from the pistols I didn't actually see bullet wounds in my victims.

Me and my partner ran down a corridor at which point we arrived to the entrance of a cinema theatre. I voluntered to flush out the "bad guys" while my bud provided cover fire. There was a film showing, so the place was shrouded in total darkness. To make my job harder there were civilians so I couldn't just let rip with my guns, I had to selectively pick off the bad guys one by one. Soon enough I had done the bug cleaning and made a run for the exit.

Unfortunately my bud told me that the boss was still back in the cinema and I had to take him out too. Before I ran back in my bud stuck in ass in an empty projection window, I don't know why... On the way back in I clocked the boss it was Ted Danson! Worse still he was brandishing an Uzi.

I was scared...real scared.. I knew that if I got sprayed by that thing I would be torn to shreds. So I hid behind the self-folding seats waiting to make my move. But everytime I went to fire at him my gun would jam.

Finally I realised that my gun was not jammed it wasn't cocked. So I cocked it, but Ted is like frigging bullet proof. He's right in front of me and I'm really scared. I decide to ask him if he'll come quietly, he agrees but before I place the handcuffs on him he asks to see my maglite torch.

Now the maglite was one of those big long jobbies at least 12" long. I let him examine it, at which point he proceeded to unscrew the battery compartment and take out the batteries. I realise what he's about to do, he's going to throw the batteries at me (why he didn't just bludgeon me with the torch itself I'll never know. Before he can do that I stop him.