I'm in a heavily corridorred(sp?) building. It has a very clinical look about it, perhaps a hospital? I walk into the Men's toilet1 and after I'm done I start to make my way out. I notice there are two door ways: one has a brass number "5" on it. I go through the other one.

I see this young fella with collar long brown hair, he's doning a brown leather jacket. We exchange glances. I start to walk around the building. I'm hopelessly lost, this isn't the way I went to get to the toilets.

I see the young fella again who promptly laughs at my state of confusion and mis-direction. I think he says, "Welcome to high school!". Luckily I find the Men's toilet again and walk through the door.

When I enter the toilet's I find there are two people there. A woman and a rather short dwarfish man. Apparently I'm a Private Investigator and I'm meant to be finding a Cockatil(sp? a parrot of sorts) for them. I had found it and brought it out of my rucksack. The bird started to fly around and then it shits on my bag. I'm rather annoyed by this, the small man tried his best to clean it off.

Once our transaction is complete I head through the door with the brass number "5" on it.

I'm back in the right place... Juliet walks past me in a white beautician uniform. We exchange smiles. The door way which she arrived from was a sunlit exit from the building. I think I walk through it.

1This is the second dream I've had about toilets.. well toilet-centric.