We were in the loft which was bare floored and warmed by a sole candle. There were three of us; one guy reminded me of Michael Lonsdale (Hugo Drax from Moonraker the other was not so clear. I left our group and when I had returned I was with a sandwich from whom none of us knew. "Poisoned" came to mind so we examined it carefully; it was a simple sandwich on white crusted bread with a leaf of lettuce and what appeared to be a cooked cut of salmon or trout. Harmlessly or so we thought.

I took the first bite, although it tasted funny I continued to masticate and eventually swallow it. Then I discarded the sandwich so we could begin our work. We were conspiring, against who or what I did not know.

After a short while I noticed something was wrong. I knew my face was green (don't tell me how or why the others didn't noticed it). I was starting to spit as my tongue was burning and clutching my throat. The others recoiled back in horror and fear. Then Drax began to froth, how could he have been poisoned too? He ran to another room. The only one of us who wasn't affected grabbed a knife and ran around frantically. I pleaded with him to call for help. He tried but the panic had overcome him. I tried to reassure him that Anthrax was not contagious. In the end I had to call 999 myself. I was pretty calm about the whole affair despite the fact I was dying.

I think this confirms that spicy food is indeed the cause of nightmares.