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I was on my way to college to re-trace where I had left my school bag. It was only on the train that I realised that I was only wearing my pyjamas and no shoes. People had noticed this (is this a naked in dream various or what?).

I arrived at Queens Park station (which was the wrong place because my college is the other direction) the sky was a deep dark purple and it was very windy. I noticed that a pair of trainers had miraculously appeared on my feet. I walked around the shops around the station window shopping.

I headed back to the station and this guy was in the way of the doors. He was make grunting sounds like an ape. I looked on the floor and noticed that someone had urinated I was willing to place bets that it was ape-man. I looked down the station to see if the train had arrived.

To my horror I saw a rail work half naked and on the rails, his body jerking involuntary as it was over a live wire. I saw the guy who thought he was an ape grab the rail worker and threw him down again on the rails. I had the feeling of danger come over myself. I ran to the ticket kiosk and screamed to the man on the other side to call an ambulance. The man seemed annoyed that I had jumped the queue and told me to use the emergency phone next to the wall.

The phone was a green plastic looking box that had Emergency 666, I picked up the receiver and started listening through the automated system. The system seemed to be taking forever, I grew even more anxious. I wanted to save this poor rail worker despite the fact he was probably dead already, least they could arrest his murderer. I went to look over the rails where the rail-worker was and I saw that his murderer had fallen on the rails too.