Very cool game for the Amiga from Electronic Arts, circa 1986. An early 3D game with a first-person perspective, it reminded me of the coin-op tank game Battlezone. But instead of vector wireframe the 3D models are shaded.

Basically it's up to you to save the world! You are in Antarctica with your high-tech tank, the ArcticFox. Some aliens have moved-in down here and they're trying to convert the atmosphere of Earth into something suitable for them. So it's up to you to destroy their air conversion towers.

Your tank has a lot of cool features. You have the big cannon, then guided missiles, where you can control it from the perspective of the missile, and you can drop mines. The tank can also "dig-in" if you are on the snow to hide from the enemy.

The landscape is difficult. There are crevasses that will swallow you whole. Mountains in the way. Mud flats. Naturally the aliens are going to defend themselves, and they have a hefty arsenal: heavy tanks, light tanks, recon sleds, recon flyers, rocket launchers, and floating mines. They will track you with their radar stations and communications fort. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the alien's main fort before they completely convert the atmosphere.

It's not easy. I can't remember ever winning, though I got close. As the aliens convert the atmosphere it gets darker and darker, and it wasn't that easy to see in the snowy, cloudy place anyway.

A pretty fun early 3D game...a modern conversion would be could be networked into others helping you destroy the bad guys.