i was awake until 3am attempting to make my halloween costume, so i was pretty tired when i finally fell asleep.

that didn't stop me from having a nightmare about getting laughed at because my costume was really really stupid. the first permutation of the nightmare was me walking into work with my birthday suit on. what a terrible outfit for halloween. the worst part is that everyone laughed at my penis size because they thought it was a costume. my subconcious didnt like that idea, so it tried making a different dream where i didnt go to work at all on halloween and stayed at home masturbating. my boss called me during a "session" and told me to get right into work and fix the mrtg graphing system for our network. so i ran as fast as i could back into work and realized i was wearing nothing again. redux!

there were a couple more of these, but they are very blurry now.