Today marked migraine #4, left side (they alternate). I was in the Marlton Trader Joe's and things looked funny, then the right-eye Chinese-kites bit started. I gobbled some aspirin right off the shelf...It bugs me when I see people walking around in a store eating, but believe me: I got over it...the speed that I tore into that package made the $20-plus price that people pay for a single dose of prescription Imitrex seem cheap.

There is always an evil time gap between the aura and the hammer, and this time I thought I had beaten it. Nooooo. Wha-bam: It was motrin and nap time when I got back to Philly. Missed out on the fringe festival bits: many interesting folks in Old City today--it was almost an urban Burning Man.

Historical bits

Migraine #1 happened less than a week after the lecture on migraines in medical school, in 1996 or so.

#2 happened just after a medical mission trip to Juarez, and was shared (!) by my GF at the time. I think alcohol was our only common food item the whole day. We luckily had some Imitrex among the leftover drug samples, so it was not a big deal. The TB exposure from that trip caused six months of unhappiness and sobriety while I fucked up my liver taking isoniazid.

#3 was just random, and I stomped on it with imitrex and ibuprofen before it got rolling at all. Viva free drug samples! I wish I had kept up my migraine paranoia; tons of stuff at home, not doing me any good there.