Tight sphincter time...I am on call by myself for the first time tonight. Two hospitals' radiological whatnots funneled through my eyes and fingers until 8am.

Like a glider, I get a motorized send off: an attending physician is around the corner dispatching plain films until 2030; Greg, fellow resident, until midnight with the subtle Haitian humor and phone calls to Canada. Then: freefall until morning. Sure, there are ISDN lines and groggy attendings...They are not insane: there is a ripcord. Patient care actually does come before Ego, despite the TV show impression.

All 3 CT scanners occupied and a table of scan requests. The ER hallways are filled with people, which means all three cores and "fast track" are full. deep down, I feel that it will be OK: a little grinding of the teeth, some chanting, dreaming of vivid arriving, teaching me poi, and gifting me with fire spinning chains and a hat.

so far, so good