There comes a time in most relationships that one of the two parties wants to end it - and about that time all hell breaks loose. This is a great example of that hell breaking loose.

As the story goes, I dated this older woman for about 8 months. We were pretty serious but had some communication issues. Well, as you'll see, she had no problem communicating her feelings.

Its hard enough getting over someone. When she leaves you in excess of 50 psychotic voicemails, it makes it even harder. So, lets have some fun getting over her by starting a web site. I hope you enjoy my personal pain as much as my friends have.

Psycho Ex is a new website which has been set up as a memorial to the demise of the relationship between Mark, the site owner and the older woman he dated for a short time. After they broke up she plagued him with phone calls and answering machine messages.

Mark has, for our amusement, saved 53 of these messages on his website. They vary from the creepy to the ludicrous. In one message, she's crying hysterically saying, "I'm going to the hospital...fuck you...I'm going to the hospital". In the next message, she's back as vicious and nasty as ever, saying, "I'm not going to kill myself over someone like you."

There's also a hilarious sequence of messages where she berates him for dumping her just after she'd bought a mobile phone. She can't figure it out and reckons that it's all his fault, because she only bought it because he had promised to help her out. So there are two two and a half minute messages where she balls him out for making her spend $200 on the AT&T Customer Careline trying to get her voicemail working. Love is blind, not to mention deaf, dumb and retarded

Having lived through something like this, I identified with all of it. The constant calls, where everything in the other persons life is all your fault, where they expect you to come back because they can't tie their shoelaces without you, are all real.

But is the site itself real? An article in theorizes that the whole site is a gigantic marketing hoax. One of the main factors is that the url - - was registered on February 15th, before many of the messages were actually recorded.

Also, while the website has a very basic, homemade, animated GIF-ey feel, some of the pop-up advertising is extremely sophisticated, and call all be tracked back to a company called L90.

Which, if true, is pretty messed up. As Salon say : "Hoax or not, there's at least one conclusion to be drawn: Is there anything more psycho than an Internet ad company desperate to bring more eyeballs to its clients?"