November 17th, 2001

Back in June the first ever Irish noders meet (well, second) occured in Dublin. In attendance were ryano, TheLady, K9, ReiToei and bol. It was tremendous fun, not least for ryano's rendition of Jump Around outside the pub as we were leaving, and ReiToei's unique chat-up lines(which inspired the title of this writeup).

On the 17th of November, 4 of those 5 people will be in the UK (ryano will be staying in Ireland, making sure we don't get invaded again). Which gives us the perfect opportunity to sit down and prove our cultural superiority once and for all through the noble sport of the drinking competition. Revenge for Skibbereen, baby.
Update : Idoru, who tried to make it to the Dublin meet but couldn't, will be joining us.

So where is this happening?
Yo! Below ,
52 Poland Street,
London W1F 7NQ
Phone : 020 7439 3660

(heyoka invades bol's node and tells all...)
Yo! Below. Yes, it's a semi-poncy bar, but it's not just a stinky over-crowded pub. Nor is there any raw fish going around in circles on a conveyor belt. Poland Street, in Soho, is a very easy place to get to. It's walking distance from the tube stations at Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Circus, Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus. The bar is under Yo! Sushi (hence the name), opposite the end of D'Arbley Street.

If an A to Z is out of yer grasp, and isn't behaving, /msg heyoka for shockingly detailed directions.)

Who's going to be there
You tell me. /msg bol if you're gonna come, and I'll start adding names to this list.



  • Teiresias - but only if he can make his girlfriend a level 6 noder in under three weeks. - may require some talking into it.
  • ascorbic - depending on finding a place to crash or believing that getting the late train back to Bristol is a Good Thing
  • Hugo Rune
Not Coming:
  • TheLady - prior commitments (sob). At least we have an excuse to organise another meet after this one.
  • ryano - has to stand on O'Connell Street with a big stick in case the English invade again. Or those bloody Vikings.
  • TotalRetard - He's in a bad way, medically and finacially.
  • sloebertje - cause she lives in Holland. But she might call over in December.

Will I have to talk to them?
Conversation is optional as long as you buy your round. Mines a Stella, cheers. K9 will have half a shandy, cause he's a big poof.

When should I be there?
It's on Saturday, the 17th of November for those of you who weren't paying attention. An advance party shall be arriving at 5pm to stake out sofas and tables. This is probably far too early for anyone who has the vaguest respect for their liver, so I suggest the non-alcoholics amongst you aim for around 7pm. The bar closes at 1am.

My living room is too clean. Are there any noders that want to sleep there and mess it up?
Yes actually. A couple of people have been asking about crash space. If you're a kind, generous noder, you could offer to let them stay in yours. /msg me if you're up for it.

Flats or heels?
Your call really.

London England...consider yourselves warned