aka The Stonktabulous Shindiggy Whizz-Bang Boffo Noder's Beano By The Whiffey Liffey Monkey-Fest's Revenge. Are belong to us.

Yup, the Irish noding posse has *finally* agreed to get together. It took a lot of convincing and cajoling. The one condition stipulated is that we don't give it a silly name. So The Emerald Isle Super 1337 Noding Posse Superhero Conference is right out. Irish Puppy-touchers Anonymous Super Drink-up Special has also been vetoed. Hippy Trippy Leprechuan Lovin' Noders Hug-in never stood a chance.

We'll be celebrating the occasion by partaking in some traditional Irish pastimes, like:

The date is Saturday, 7th of July, 2001. Day after tomorrow, in other words. Venues are still undecided. Potential candidates are:

Basically, tell me the places that you think would be cool. Tell me the ones you really don't wnat to go to (there goes Fibber's...). Send me suggestions for pubs that have been left out. Between it all, we will pick a place. Considerations - TheLady suggested we go somewhere we can talk, and we can definitely get seats. I imagine ReiToei wants to go somewhere funky, young deviant that he is. I want to go somewhere that will let me in.

The Time : 7pm. This is unanimous.

Finally, the guest list. It stands at:

Yup, it's probably going to be the smallest get-together ever, but at least the chances of some nutter turning up and creeping everyone out is quite low.

This is only a list of people I know to be interested, everybody's welcome (well, most people...). If you're not on the list, you're in Dublin and you want to attend, let me know.

See all y'all Saturday.