I always use amihotornot to try and spread a little sunshine throughout the world. Finding facially challenged people and giving them a ten always gives me a good feeling - it's nice to know that in some way you're brightening up peoples lives in some small way.

However I disagree with the previous opinion about downvoting the cheerleader types to teach 'em a lesson. I have a lot of female friends, some of whom are quite attractive. I'm thinking of two in particular who would easily grab perfect 10s every time if they submitted their pictures.

They are also two of the most hideously insecure people I know. One refuses to get into a relationship because she believes no man should have to suffer her company. The other has spent whole weeks in her house, refusing to go outside because she feels too ugly.

The point I'm trying to make is that there are a lot of broken people out there who may look good, but are barely surviving on the inside. Be careful what you say to them - you never know how deeply it will affect them.