Seeing how Darwin has effectively answered the chicken or the egg conundrum, this question is my new favourite thought exercise. It's also a neat way to wind up people that believe that the Bible is the literal word of God. So then, did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?

  • No - But then that means that Adam & Eve were phsically different from Cain, Abel and Seth. And seeing as Adam & Eve were created in God's image, then that means that we aren't. Which screws up the Bible after page 5.
  • Yes - Again, the problem is the image of God. If Adam & Eve had belly buttons, then so did God. Which means that God had a mum. Which screws up the Bible after the first sentence ("In the begining, there was morning sickness...").

    Of course real fundamentalists might try to say...

  • Yes. God gave them to Adam & Eve for the same reason that he placed dinosaur fossils in rocks - Bill Hicks response to this was "um sure, but doesn't it bother you even slightly to think that God is fucking with you?"

    Coming soon...Does God have nipples?