Opiate is also the name of a young leftist metal band in Raleigh, NC with a teenaged cult following. They are best known for their heavy fare such as Death of a Spider. Their name precedes the release of Tool's album, if one is curious. They are played locally on Youth Voice Raleigh, a show on Shaw University's station, WSHA 88.9 FM. They have released one album, Strange Was the Dream, on New Axis Records, a tiny indie label out of Cary, NC.

Opiate is:
Bryan Eddy - vocals, bass guitar
Jared "J" Vaughn - rhythm guitar
Matt Dood - bass guitar
James Ross - lead guitar
Ian Burton - drums

Strange Was the Dream
New Axis Records
Cover design: James Ross and Nick Ring

1 - Corrosive Entity
2 - Nightmares
3 - counterculture
4 - End of the Road
5 - Death of a Spider
6 - Apokalypse...