Fred's been to Otakon, a big anime/manga conference. Apprarently he asked all the fans that went to wear the branded Megatokyo t-shirts. Considering the animosity that exists between Megatokyo and other comics on the Pig Panda system, Penny Arcade especially, it will be interesting to find out how many beers were bought by people who weren't interested in what was inside, more the potentials that lay within its fragile shell. The last time Piro and Largo met the Penny Arcade characters, they lost their shirts and pants. They were lucky that time.

Things have developed quite a bit since microlith's post. The megatokyo comic is going from strength to strength. Currently Piro and Largo are still in Japan (no prizes for guessing that). Piro is working hard in a computer store, though unfortunately he losses his sketchbook. As a manga sketcher, I can can tell you how bad that is. It's found by a schoolgirl - Piro can't get over her eventhough he's about 4 years older than her (minimum). It takes him about 20 weeks or so to get it back.

Largo is in far worse trouble. After the beer supply runs out, he does things stupid even for Largo. Underneath the streets of Tokyo he finds a crypt. If I told you it contained a terrible evil what do you guess he did? Yep - he released it. This evil takes the form of another schoolgirl. So Largo attempts to combat her. Currently he is masquerading as an English teacher, after a teacher wrongly identified him as a student teacher. Unfortunately he is also being purusued by an android (also in the form of a schoolgirl - I think Fred has a fixation on Japanese schoolgirls). This android was seen chasing Largo with a lampost, after he managed to hurt her feelings. When Largo hurts a girl's feelings, he goes all the way! The android, Ping, has even joined the school where Largo is "teaching". When she entered the class, Largo promptly jumped out of the window.

Confused? Hardly surprising. Go and see the whole thing at This is a tribute to Fred. Thanks for such a great comic!

17.2.04 - Piro and Seraphim got married in Las Vegas!!!