Today was homecoming, where lots of students battle each other to sell food to lots of people, everyone always runs out of soda, you can shop 'til you drop at the garage sale (called a "shoppe"), and you might also see some football. I came late, I didn't care. All I did was eat. I didn't try to scale the climbing wall or go on the moonbounce, and I wasn't paying attention to the game at all, I missed half-time, which was probably really lame anyway. Al Gore was there. Sigh. His son is the starting center on the football team, so Gore comes by for a lot of the games. (When he's not busy running the Internet (No, I'm never going to let that die! (No matter what! (Ooo! nested sidenotes!) ) ) ) Kids were going up to him and getting autographs. I didn't really want to look at him, but my mother decided to go up to him. (She had just recently decided to vote for Nader, too) So, we now have a signed copy of one of the school newspapers (The comedic one, not the really lame one) with Al Gore's signature within the title of the paper. (I just realized that there is a box at the top right of the page, above the title, where it has a quote from George Bush saying something about how the "undecideds", like those in an election, could certainly "go either way." I'll look that up, because I think there's a node with Bush quotes somewhere around here.) The top headline is a really bad pun about the school's dress code (which is really lame). Whee! Did I mention that I saw a secret service man walking around with something stuck to his heel? It's good to know that these agents don't let themselves be distracted by things like that. Or maybe it's bad that he wasn't very observant at all. I don't know...
I got a hamster wheel at the "shoppe"; I don't own a hamster, and I don't plan to.
My Rubik's cube is getting really faded. I hear they make ones that use plastic tiles for the colors, so that there are no stickers to rub off. Anyone know where I can find one?

Ok, now I'm back. I had to stop noding to go investigate our kitchen. We think a racoon was eating the cat food just now. My sister saw something large that ran out the cat door when she came in. It might've been a cat, but the only one not accounted for (Perl) is really small, and why would she run away? What an odd night.