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Musician since age 0 from a seriously musical family, spent a lot of time in Europe and West Africa doing Electric African music, moved to LA, which meant moving to sequencers. From there to programming is a natural progression. Got into signal processing and therefore math. Have brain, will learn, if it suits my purpose. I like flying hang-gliders -- no genetic input for this, I just like it. Fluent in English, German, French, Dutch. Enjoy teaching math to middle-schoolers. (Because it's the last chance to actually teach them anything.) Believe that 'tone deaf' is a myth, it's a question of practice. Influenced by composers: Bach, Beethoven, Monk, Waller, Stravinsky, Ellington, Ulmer, Mingus, Carmichael. Influenced by writers: Trollope, Chekhov, O'Connor, Twain, James, Cheever, and including the Germans: Brecht, Kaestner, Boell. Kant and Wittgenstein come in there somewhere. I prefer music though. I'm not sure what more is appropriate to say here. I like to write music, I like to write prose, and I like to write code.