So I'm in archery class today and my teacher says, "Address your target. Nock your arrow. Aim, draw, and release."

I release my arrow and I feel this awful pain in my left boob. I realise that the bow string hit my boob! It was the most excrutiating pain I had ever felt in my entire life. I stagger over to my nearest friend and I told her what happened.

She replies, "Are you okay? Maybe you should go and make sure it' okay, and I'll help you."

I try to convince myself not to think of her as a lesbian and more of a good friend who cares. So I go and sit in the grass with a few other girls and my teacher walks up to me and says, "You know why you did that? You did that because you're moving both your arms around instead of this one," as she puts her hand on my right arm.

So, I basically ignore her and go on talking with ther other girls about what it would be like to be homeless.