I have had the worst weekend of my entire life. Yesterday my boyfriend was supposed to come over and we were going to hang out and do the things that teens do when they are in love (have a makeout session, and neck), but my mother decides that he shouldn't come over because he refused to go to church with us last weekend.

That really made me upset. You can not force religion on someone no matter how hard you try. So then my cousin, the one with cerebral palsy, comes in my room while in sitting on my bed crying a river, and sits on my sisters bed and starts crying too. I ask, "Why are you crying?"

"Because you are always so happy. You shouldn't be sad," she replies as I embrace her.

We finally stop crying and I take out a phone book looking for a cab service around my area. Fortunately, I didn't find one because I wouldn't have had anywhere to go anyway. So I call my boyfriend with tears still in my eyes and his voice makes me cry even more, so I retire to the bathroom and talk with him there. I sit in the bathroom for about an hour. I knew that if I called him he would make me laugh, and he did. I asked him if he still wanted to marry me and he said, "Yeah, when your mother moves on though. You know this is the second time she's done this to us?"

"Yes I know," I say back to him.

We talk for a little and then I ordered myself a large pizza from Papa John's and I ate almost the whole thing.

This morning my bad excuse of a mother woke me up at 6 o'clock in the morning telling me that the kids from down stairs were coming up again. There mother went to Tennesee for some trip. So right now they're here bugging me. What a great weekend !