This whole week has been SOL week. For those of you who don't live in Virginia, it's a Standard Of Learning test (SOL). Basically, it's an end-of-the-year test to see what you've learned in your academic classes. The tests are always easier than the actual class and can be very irritating to take. The teachers, administrators, and the principal stress the importancy off the SOL's all year. They make the SOL's the most important part of being in school. I guess it's so they can keep their jobs and the school can remain fully acredited, I'm not sure.

During this whole week you go to 3 classes a day and spend 3 hours in your first and last class and about an hour or so in your 5th period class (we have 5th everyday). It's very boring especially when you have to stay 3 hours in elective classes like, Familay Relations, P.E., and Study Hall (which is my 5th!). And it's ot like you can skip the days when you have your electives because the administrators have made a rule where if you don't come to school on any day during SOL week, your absence will be unexcused, even if you don't have an SOL in any class. So, if you combine that rule with the 3 unexcused absences you fail the semester rule, and you skip those 3 elective classes, then you fail the semester.

I think they just want to find some evil teacher/admistrator/pricipal way to drive us to the edge of insanity.