I think that I did a very bad thing yesterday. I wanted to send my boyfriend a love letter, so I wrote out all the things that I wanted to say on my flowery stationary, dabbed it with some Cool Water perfume, and stuffed it in the envelope. I'd already written our addresses on there, but the last thing that I needed was a stamp. My mother wasn't home and she is the only one that actually buys stamps in my house. Of course me being the "I need everything when I want it girl," I couldn't wait until she got home. So, I found an old envelope from my boyfriend (when he mailed me my ring and a sticker that I'd left over his house) and saw that the stamp on the envelope wasn't stamped with black ink. There it was a 37 cents, red, white, and blue, calling out to me, "Shakita, take me! Take me! No one will ever know..." I pondered for a moment...and asked myself a series of questions; Is it illegal to take a stamp from another envelope, even if it's not stamped? What if they started using a kind of ink that would only show up on a black light? What if I get caught and this goes on my permenant record? Soon those questions left my mind when I thought about how badly I wanted to put that little old piece of stationary in the mail box. So, I took the stamp off the envelope, got my little sister's good old Elmer's Glue, and glued that proud stamp to my love letter. And I didn't even get caught, thanks America!