I came home and dropped my keys on the little black table that holds my answering machine, lamp, and a few trinkets. I saw the little red light on my machine box blinking with one message waiting for me listen to it. I pressed the play button and I heard my best friend saying that she was just calling to tell me that a boy that went to middle school with us for a year, Justin Creech, had been stabbed to death in a parking lot of Wendy's on Broad street. My eyes teared up fast and I stood there in shock. I heard the phone ring snapping me out of my state of awe. I picked up and it was another friend that new him. She told me the news again and I was mortified.

That night I watched the news especially for Justin. It said that the person who stabbed him was 16, and that his name had not been realeased because of his age. I'd known that Justin was supposed to be in school when it happened and that he was with a friend of his. I thought for a while that it was probably his "friend" who stabbed him. That night i was frightened out of my wits. It was hard for me to leave the house that morning to go to the bus stop. When I got home I called Alex, one of his and my close friends, and asked her if the guy that he was with had stabbed him. She said that it was another boy who she'd eaten lunch with her the day he killed Justin.

The two boys had been fighting over something stupid so Justin was convinced by his friend to punch him, and when he did the boy took out a knife and stabbed him. She said that when Justin fell to the ground the boy kept stabbing him until he ran off. Justin died in his bestfriend's lap.

I didn't know Justin as well as other people, in fact I don't even think I ever had a real conversation with him. He was a really nice boy from what I heard, but I still don't think I can except that he's gone. Someone my age, gone for no apparent reason. Gone because he threw a punch over a bike, because that was the day he decided to skip school out of many.

I wanted to tell all of the noders this so that they will keep in their hearts Justin, his family and all of the friends he left behind.