Sunna is a band from the UK, whose debut album "One Minute Science" (released August 15, 2000) is available on Massive Attack's Melankolic label (part of Astralwerks).

Sunna's first major tour was opening for A Perfect Circle on their US headlining tour. They then opened for The Smashing Pumpkins on the band's final European tour. Their single "Power Struggle" also appeared in the movie "Hollow Man" (apparently Kevin Bacon actually sings along with it :).

Richie Mills (their drummer) left the band in spring of 2001, and has tentatively been replaced by Mark Richardson, of Skunk A. The band has finished recording their second album as of winter 2001, and is expecting it to be released in March of 2002. The band has also left Astralwerks, so the new CD will be released by a different label, possibly Virgin.

As far as the music itself, well... you know how with some bands every one of their songs sounds the same? Well, this is decidedly not the case with Sunna. Seriously, it's pretty crazy how different each song is. The amazing thing is that it actually works, and well (IMNSHO, of course).

The members of the band are:

So far, their releases include only: