Here are some texts from a friend: (my replies have been left out)

#did she ever just call you to say hi and ask how you were doing because she was thinking about you?

#or give you something randomly just because she saw it and it reminded her of you?

#or talk to you all night long about nothing at all really just because she wanted to keep hearing the sound of your voice?

#or just ask you how your day was rather than just asking back because you asked?

#because though they may seem silly to someone on the outside looking in, these are just a few things a woman does when she loves someone because she wants to, not because she feels she has to.

#i can't tell you whether what you did was right or wrong, because I'm not you or her. But from all the no's I just got i think you may know the answer youself.

#oh, and they linger when you kiss them, too. They keep their eyes closed a few seconds longer after you kiss them, because they are thinking, "Wow. I am lucky to be with this man".

# sorry if that was too much.

heck. it made me feel better. hope it helps you too.