While many claim not to understand or to enjoy the Fine Arts, most everyone understands and enjoys certain exceptional automobiles, or certain music, be it Beethoven, Blondie, or Blue Grass. Furthermore, we enjoy a finely designed and constructed home. We revel among beautiful landscaping, or a brilliant Landscape. I recently had an argument with an acquaintance, this particular acquaintance argued with such clarity and skill that I had no choice but to respect, and even enjoy, the artistry with which he chose his words, and though I never enjoy losing an argument, I was thankful for the opportunity to experience such a true artisan in action.

Humans create. Look around us, and all we see was created out of something, or quite often, nothing. Nothing, but an idea. An idea pursued becomes a boat, a painting, a home, a song, a shirt, a book, an advertisement, a play, a business, sculpture, a vacuum cleaner, a movie, an entrée, and ultimately, the human experience.

Our present experience of life finds its roots in the Arts. Imagine, however impossible it may seem, a world without artists. We can’t. Without artists the clothes I am presently wearing, as they are, would not exist, nor would this computer resemble it’s own self. The can of Coca-Cola to my right would likely not be red, would not have a distinctive logo, would not conjure up memories of a certain pretty girl, and most certainly would not seem any different than a Pepsi. It would just be a plain tin can. Not even that. I can’t imagine how it would be packaged since I am almost certain that the can was designed by an artist working as an Industrial Designer.